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With oil prices plunging and governments desperately trying to retreat away from the coal industry, the power and electricity sectors have proven to be one of the most active over the past 12 months. Solar and battery booms across number of sectors have pushed companies to focus on innovation and new discoveries, which can be implemented in a global aspect across number of areas. In addition, political uncertainty and financial instability have made the competition across these sectors fierce.

With that in mind, Global Energy News has decided to launch the 2017 Power & Electricity Awards in order to highlight the top players across these two industries. We welcome nominations for all sorts of individual professionals, companies, service providers, departments / teams and products.

With over 160,000 industry professionals being invited to take part in the voting process, including the readers of Global Energy News (85,000) and an internal base of over 98,000 professionals, we expect wide variety of both national and international nominees.

It is important to point out that the 2017 Power & Electricity Awards do not focus solely on the firm’s size, reputation or regional focus, and our team has their attention fixed on a number of factors including innovation, client service and vision for the future.

One thing we would like to highlight is that our awards are given on merit as oppose to number of votes. We conduct an extensive in-house research process followed by a judging stage. All nominees will be invited to take part in the program by supplying additional information in order to support their case.

If you have any enquiries about the 2017 Power & Electricity Awards, please get in touch with our program coordinator, Peter Rujgev @


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