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The utilities and telecommunications industries, is one that is constantly changing and developing with new movements within the sector. Despite the constant change, individuals and firms continue to strive towards success, with their innovative thinking and tireless efforts.

Which is why, the 2017 Utilities & Telecommunications Awards celebrates, and honours the hard work and best practice in the profession and recognises the best in the industry. These awards recognise firms and individuals who have adapted to the constant shift in the market, and managed to make themselves stand out amongst their competitors in the past 12 months. They have been initiated to showcase the varied talent across the industry, including both the public and private sectors.

These awards ensure that companies and individuals are celebrated for their continued success by rewarding the exceptional results and outstanding accomplishments driven by a passion for the industry. 

It is worth pointing out that these awards are based on merit, therefore regardless the size or location of those nominated only those who have made remarkable achievements will be awarded. Once the voting closes, our dedicated research team will begin their investigations into each nominee. They compile a file on each nominee, utilising information supplied by the nominated company, gleaned from the internet or provided by our network of industry contacts. This file is then provided to our judging panel, who award only those firms they believe are truly deserving of recognition.

In order for this to be a true representation on the very best that this industry has to offer, we need your votes. Please fill out the voting form below to cast your vote.


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